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Looking at a fixer upper home?
Buy it and Fix it all in ONE loan from Mortgages Unlimited

FHA 203k streamline rehab loan mn

Why get an FHA 203k Loan?   

It's simple ... This loan allows you to buy a home needing a little TLC, and get the money to repair it all in one loan.

Thousands of people are using the FHA 203k Streamline loan every single month. Let us help you purchase a MN or WI home with just 3.50% down, AND give you up to $35,000 more in money to fix the house, bring it up to code, or get paint, carpet, a roof, or even appliances.

An important tool for community and neighborhood revitalization, the FHA 203(k) loan offers flexible qualifying and low down payments:

The FHA 203(k) loan is available to borrowers of all income levels, to homeowners who plan to occupy the house, and for homes with one to four units.

There are two types of FHA 203(k) loans to understand:
Full 203k. Is for serious repairs, like adding room, structural repairs, and repairs over $35,000. A 203k consultant is required to work with you.

203k Streamline. Is for more modest repairs, and repairs under $35,000. No consultant required. The 203k streamline loan works for the vast majority of people.

Full is for repairs OVER $35,000.  Few lenders offer this program due to it's risk and complexity. Streamline on the other hand is for repairs UNDER $35,000, and is offered by about half of all FHA lenders.

These are offered up to the maximum FHA loan limit in your county.

The FHA 203K Rehab loan is becoming very necessary for the purchase of many Bank Owned, REO, or Repo properties. Mortgages Unlimited offers FHA 203K streamlines loans to make the process of buying a home that needs a little TLC (or quite a bit in some cases!) easier, more affordable, and quicker. Many of us have seen firsthand, or have heard stories about foreclosed home that have been torn up, stripped, vandalized, etc. With conventional financing, these homes are very difficult to sell or buy, as they are not in move in condition, and most lenders will not lend on a damaged home.

Our FHA 203K Streamline program allows the homebuyer to put up to $35K of rehab work into the new loan. The loan closes 1 time. It is a permanent form of financing. The Streamline program should not be confused with the more complicated FHA 203K rehab loan, which can accommodate major remodels, major damage repair, storm damage, etc. The FHA 203K Streamline rehab loan is just that - Streamlined.

This loan can help with new paint (in/out), new siding, new roof, new flooring, new appliances, HVAC repair/replacement, electrical & plumbing repair & upgrades, new windows, decks, porches, patios, minor kitchen remodels, & more.

These loans are a key to helping homes become more accessible for disabled folks as the modifications can often be completed with a FHA 203K loan.

What it can't cover is landscaping, structural damage, foundation work, room additions, load bearing wall changes, etc.

There is no HUD consultant or general contractor required on the 203k streamline. However, we do suggest using a general contractor with a strong track record to ensure that your work is done & done right.

Please give us a call to find out if this loan is right for your next purchase,  your listing, or right for your next buyer that is looking at Bank-owned, REO, or Repo properties that are in need of TLC & repairs.

203K Eligible Borrowers: Types of 203K Loans: Eligible Properties: Allowed Repairs:

Additional FULL 203k Allowed Repairs


The appraiser will be given a copy of your repair bids along with the purchase agreement.  The appraiser must say that the after improved value of the home will equal to at least 110% of the combination of the repair and purchase price.

Other Eligible Costs:

FHA 203(k) loans are more complicated, yet there is nothing to fear. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
  1. First get pre-approved for a basic FHA loan
  2. Start looking at homes.
  3. If you find one in need of repair, contact us to discuss the condition of the propery
  4. Get a repair bid
  5. Submit your offer

Once your offer is accepted, contact us to guide you the rest of the way.

NOTE: We offer USDA, VA and FHA Loans. While we are an approved lender, we are not part of HUD, FHA, The United States Government, or the Department of Veteran Affairs. We are not acting on behalf of, or under the direction of HUD/FHA or the Federal Government. FHA and VA do not lend directly to the public, only through approved lending institutions like Mortgages Unlimited.

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